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GOONS Give Back

Inspiring Generosity  - Each month the GOON Brothers encourage their friends and followers to support a local non-profit organization, charity, or need within the community. Below is a look back at some of our past "Give Back" opportunities. Thank you for your continued support of these projects!

May 2017

Over $900 is raised to pay off year-end lunch fees in the Tipp City Schools District.

October 2018

Gas cards are collected for Pink Ribbon Girls.

May 2019

Dayton Tornadoes Disaster Relief Effort. Multiple truck loads of supplies were collected and distributed at Trinity Lighthouse Church.

August - October 2019

The GOON Brothers donated $25 to the Tipp Pride organization for every turnover the Tippecanoe Red Devils football team forced in 2019. This organization is actively working to build a new stadium for the Tippecanoe Red Devils athletic and band programs.

April 2023

The GOON Brothers, in partnership with Topsy Turvy Toys, and with the support of the local community sponsored The Gathering's (St. Paris, Ohio) monthly diaper giveaway. Twenty-five new packages of diapers were donated to The Gathering.

Non-Profit Organization Catalog

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