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GOON Brothers $5,000 Cash & Prize Giveaway Tasks


1. Take a photo while recreating an album cover.

2. Take a photo with street art, graffiti or a mural.

3. Take a photo while mimicking a statue.

4. Take a photo while eating food from a food truck (please include the food truck in the photo).

5. Take a photo next to a state historical marker.

6. Take a photo doing a handstand safely and respectfully in a public place.

7. Take a photo while Heelieing safely and respectfully in a public place.

8. Take a photo while juggling Capri Suns.

9. Take a photo while having a water balloon fight.

10. Take a photo doing a backflip.

11. Take a photo while writing a positive message in sidewalk chalk.

12. Take a photo while giving a high five to a mentor and/or positive influence in your life.

13. Take a photo getting your haircut by Chris Starnes.

14. Take a photo drinking coffee or eating ice cream at The Exchange in Pleasant Hill.

15. Take a photo riding a horse.

16. Take a photo playing disc golf.

17. Take a photo giving your favorite teacher a gift card.

18. Take a photo mowing your neighbor’s grass.

19. Take a photo with a trash bag full of collected litter.

20. Take a photo while getting your hair done by Hairstylist Beth.

21. Take a photo with your favorite project created by The Rooted and Raised Co.

22. Take a photo reading a book at Browse Awhile Books.

23. Take a photo drinking tea from the Golden Leaf Tea Co.

24. Take a photo eating ice cream from Susie’s Big Dipper.

25. Take a photo eating pizza at Old Scratch Pizza.

26. Take a photo flying a kite.

27. Take a photo in a costume that completely covers your body.

28. Take a photo playing with a toy or game from Topsy Turvy Toys.

29. Take a photo while in a crowd at a concert.

30. Take a photo eating nachos at a baseball game.

31. Take a photo while donating non-perishable food items to a food pantry or soup kitchen.

32. Take a photo with a homemade GOON Brothers sign.

33. Take a photo playing an instrument.

34. Take a photo at Roger Presley Trail and Garden in Tipp City.

35. Take a photo playing hopscotch.

36. Take a photo on a trail at a Miami County Park District park.

37. Take a photo kayaking/canoeing down the river.

38. Take a photo carrying an elderly person’s groceries to the car.

39. Take a photo with a Monroe Federal staff member.

40. Take a photo volunteering at a nursing home.

41. Take a photo planting a tree.

42. Take a video reading your favorite Bible verse.

43. Take a photo welcoming home veterans from an Honor Flight.

44. Take a video ATTEMPTING the Jubi Slide dance.

45. Take a photo while delivering pull tabs to a Ronald McDonald House Charities location.

46. Take a photo going down the slide at the Tipp City pool.

47. Take a photo playing pickleball.

48. Take a photo swimming in a lake.

49. Take a photo riding your bike.

50. Take a photo cooking dinner for your family.


GOON Brothers $5,000 Cash & Prize Giveaway/Scavenger Hunt Directions


1. Please complete the scavenger hunt tasks in a safe and respectful manner. The GOON Brothers are not responsible for any damages or injuries that come as a result of your participation in this scavenger hunt. By participating in this scavenger hunt you are willfully doing so at your own risk.


2. ONE individual will be selected to win the $5,000 prize. To be entered to win the prize you must successfully complete 15 tasks. 15 tasks = 1 entry into the drawing. If you can complete all 50 tasks you’ll receive 5 entries into the drawing. Tasks must be submitted to The GOON Brothers by email at by Sunday, June 16 at 12:00am.


3. Please do not take photos that put your safety or the safety of others at risk.


4. Please respect the general public, business owners, and other participants while completing your tasks. We don’t want to cause unnecessary disruptions or create any animosity/division among people.


5. Please send your photos to our team through social media or by email to Photos could be shared on our public social media pages and/or within our newsletters. By sending your photos to our email account you agree to them being used by The GOON Brothers for marketing and promotional purposes.


6. HAVE FUN! Enjoy spending time with friends and family while going on an adventure to complete the photo scavenger hunt tasks.

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